Stuffed Cows
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Stuffed Cows
CCC-ZIEGE-03 Dead Men Feel No Cold (5-10)
By Fenway Jones APL 5-10
The head griffon rider of Waterdeep, has mysteriously been killed. The party has been hired to find the perpetrator and why they would commit the murder, in a city that punishes severely for any crime. The party will travel to different parts of Waterdeep and interact with a few of its citizens until the killer is found, or someone is wrongly accused.

 Fenway Jones
 Matthew JordanNone Selected0
 Paul EllisonNed Nestor NunguessorWarlock/Bard8
 Thomas ParhamNone Selected0
 Ben RabinNone Selected0
 Theron MartinNone Selected0
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0

 Danielle Obmann
 Aaron Jones
 Fenway Jones
 Matthew JordanNone Selected0
 Rex JoynerNone Selected0
 Joseph AdlesickNone Selected0
 John NovakNone Selected0
 Jack ReidNone Selected0
 Carlos GuzmanNone Selected0
 Mark KessingerNone Selected0
 Michael McCaughertyNone Selected0
 Paul EllisonLord GadaranWarlock2/Wizard57
 Rick SteberlDartemisPaladin/Sorcerer7
 Michael BastianelliHulkfuMonk6
 Kevin LademannNone Selected0
 Matt Berry"Buddy"Ancients 5 / Lore 30
 Benjamin FischerNone Selected0
 Ashley EmmonsNone Selected0
 Jonathan NankNone Selected0
 Chris Van HoutenNone Selected0
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