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CCC-Anime-1-1 & CCC-Anime-1-2 & CCC-Anime-1-3 Legend of the Sword Bandit Surprise & Let's Find the Sword, GO! & Star Sword Return (1-4 followed by 5-10)
By David Morris & David Knighton & Derek Gray APL 1-10
A priest of Ilmater seeks to right an old wrong to please his god. Will you trust the whims of hags and journey through time to find out what when wrong during the Festival of Stars? Experience events that contributed to the fall of Hawksroost. A Two-Hour Adventure for 1st-4th level characters. & After learning that Daernís Blade, a relic that had protected the town of Hawksroost, vanished centuries ago, Sorrim requires assistance in locating it. An old halfling adventurer has learned rumors of the blade hidden within the Vanishing Hills. These same rumors also say that it may be guarded by something ancient. With the Festival of the Stars only a few days out, can the blade be found and returned in time? A Two-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th level characters Optimized for five 7th level characters. & With less than two days until the Festival of Stars in Hawksroost, Daern's Blade is still missing, but the adventurers are en route to its resting place. Are they truly prepared for what they find? A Two-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters.

 Chuck Ocenasek
 Greg Marks
 Matt Berry??Misc0
 Ben RabinTamzik "Zik" ZamarisDivination Wizard4
 Cait Davis-PauleyKnockout SlamdancerFighter 1, Bard 34
 Louis LendiBamWizard3
 Catherine Davis-PauleyNone Selected0
 Heid LendiSessie JeffinsPaladin3
 Amethyst LendiVoldengaRogue3
 Emerald LendiDarilliaWarlock3
 Christopher MossNone Selected0
 Stuart ReidNone Selected0
 Aaron MarraNone Selected0
 Sanjay SebastianNone Selected0
 David CrudupNone Selected0
 James WesleyNone Selected0
 Glenn HarrisNone Selected0
 PJ WujekNone Selected0
 Justin SchubertNone Selected0
 Lary WesleyTBDTBD0
 Shanye SchelinderNone Selected0

 Greg Marks
 Scott WeatheredNone Selected0
 Joshua O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0
 Shanye SchelinderNone Selected0
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