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Cthulhu Introduction to Call of Cthulhu -What's in the Cellar?
By APL 1-20
Arthur Blackwood's wife has disappeared while on vacation. Can you solve the mystery or is he truly guilty? This mystery set in the classic H.P. Lovecraft 1930s. Arthur Blackwood has been charged with murder of his wife while on vacation. Desperate to clear his name, his lawyer has contacted acquaintances in hopes that they can help investigate her disappearance. Can you solve the mystery or is he truly guilty? What's in the Cellar is a fast-paced adventure that is designed as an introduction to the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu rules. A quick paced horror event for curious newcomers to experience just what horror investigation roleplaying is all about. New players welcome. 6 player maximum and does begins at 8 PM.
 Michael Maenza
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