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DCC Escape From the Purple Planet
By Harley Stroh APL 0-0
Every 10 years the dying sun sinks into eclipse. Every 10 years the tribes cease their warring, gather at the Gladiator Stones of Ul'tok, and cast offerings into the pits, praying that their masters find their sacrifices worthy. This year, you are that sacrifice. In order to win free, you must best all challengers, or try your luck in the pits beneath the arena. However you escape - whether by blade or by cunning - you must find your way free before the wierdling sun rises once more, and the hordes of kith return to their forever war! Characters Provided
 Joshua O'Connor-Rose
 Jon ClarkNone Selected0
 David ClarkNone Selected0
 ruben DonelsonNone Selected0
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