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DDAL07-10 Fire, Ash, and Ruin (11-16)
By James Haeck APL 11-16
Within the jungles of Chult lay a vast expanse of ash. While a red dragon is known to reside deep within the Land of Ash and Smoke, it is far from the deadliest of its denizens. Deeper still lay a pit filled to the brim with pure evil. None who have sought out its secrets have survived to tell its tale. Will you be more successful than they?
 David N Krolnik
 Matt Berry
 Chad Conrad
 Rex JoynerReynaldoSorceror 10/Bard 313
 Donald Clark None Selected0
 Jack ReidNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoNone Selected0
 Andrew NormanNone Selected0
 Carlos GuzmanNone Selected0
 Bruce ArmsterdNone Selected0
 Aaron MarraNatalya NightsongWizard / Fighter / Monk (Swordmage)11
 Jeffrey NiebresGheshValor Bard15
 Timothy McNeilKimber-Leanne Po'SiblÚ (of the Waterdeep Po'SiblÚs)Crime fighting cheerleader. Fighter/Bard/Sorcerer/Cleric. Archer. OG11
 Chris StonerNone Selected0
 Joseph AdlesickNone Selected0
 Michael McCaughertyNone Selected0
 Peter JoelsonNone Selected0
 Andre BallDramgoArcane Cleric 1515
 Benjamin O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
 Nick TarvinNone Selected0
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