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Stuffed Cows
Savage Worlds, RIFTS RIFTS (Intro)
By APL 1-1
Hundreds of years after the coming of the Rifts, the world is quite different from what it once was. Supernatural creatures and powerful sorcerers live alongside high tech nations and towns. Rising above the chaos, and enforcing order through an iron fist and draconian laws is the Coalition States of America. The soldiers of this nation are few on a steady diet of anti-alien, anti-supernatural rhetoric. The Coalition State of Fort El Dorado is more extreme than the others. They are on a crusade to wipe out all non-humans around them. Can your band of misfits stand up to the might of the Coalition and help the forces of the Tomorrow Legion bring about a better tomorrow? Grab your power armor, activate that psi-sword or bring forth the flames of wrath from your mind as you take on the forces of Tyranny in Savage Worlds: Rifts! This is a Savage Worls one-shot designed to inroduce you to Savage Worlds Rifts setting. Pick a pre-generated character and get ready to get crazy!!

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