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DDAL07-06 & 07 & 08 Fester and Burn (5-10) & Rotting Roots (5-10) & Putting the Dead to Rest (5-10)
By James Introcaso; Lysa Chen; Cindy Moore APL 5-10
DDAL07-06 The denizens of the Old City have made some unusual sightings in the festering refuse pits on the outskirts of the city, and while such reports are seldom taken terribly seriously, the mysterious disappearance of a beloved figure in the poor part of Port Nyanzaru has folks on edge. Can you get to the bottom of this? Part One of The Rot from Within Trilogy. DDAL07-07 The sudden appearance of the undead within Port Nyanzaru doesn’t appear to be the only thing on the horizon. A vast horde of skeletons and zombies is moving towards the city and while those of means are safe within the city’s walls, those in the Old City and Malar’s Throat are forced to contend with the problem. Where did they come from? More importantly, what are you going to do to find out? Part Two of The Rot from Within Trilogy. DDAL0708 The jungle has opened up and revealed her secrets—now is the time to act upon them. All signs point to a long-abandoned city as the source of the undead contagion, and so you have been called upon to venture within and put an end to it once and for all. Are you up to the task? Part Three of The Rot from Within Trilogy.

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