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DDAL00-02C Lost Tales of Myth Drannor 3: Spawn of the Maimed Virulence (5-10)
By Robert Adducci APL 5-10
Before his death, the green dragon The Maimed Virulence, Vorgansharax, had many mates across Faerūn. The forest of Cormanthor and surrounding areas have become a battleground between sibling dragons, all vying for the choicest territory. Can a band of adventurers protect Hillsfar by either defeating or negotiating with the spawn of The Maimed Virulence?

 Jack Scheirer
 Michael Maenza
 John NovakNone Selected0
 Gregory VerdinoNone Selected0
 Joe BiundoGhostBard (Lore)7
 Jack ReidGlyirDrunken Monk5
 Mario DIgirolamoSar'renGrave Domain Cleric - 4th level4
 Sandy PalmerNone Selected0
 Donald Clark D.G. PhillibenPaladin-2, Hexblade-2, Cleric(forge)-26
 Dennis KuhnNone Selected0
 Christine LoeberNone Selected0
 Robert RipoliNone Selected0
 Joseph SanchezNone Selected0
 Connor RobeyNone Selected0
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