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CCC-GHC-01 Tharaera Lost (5-10) & GHC-02 Skulljaw Hill (5-10) & GHC-03 Facing the Dark (5-10)
By Ed Greenwood & Alex Kammer APL 5-10
A criminal band known as “Suldran’s Dark” who is active all over the Moonsea region and especially on the waters of the Moonsea itself, recently seized a caravel out of Phlan carrying trade-bars of smelted copper and “batons” of steel ready to be hammered into swords. Along with all of the cargo, the Dark seized six passengers for ransom. Little did they know that one of the passengers was a Harper agent. A rescue taking the party deep into the Cormanthor forest is now needed. Part One of the Gamehole Con 2016 adventure arc. The search for the missing Harper agent has brought you to the small coastal town of Elventree on the south shore of the Moonsea. With important clues in hand and after a stop at a local festhall, you will be forced to brave further challenges found in the depths of the Cormanthor forest. A captive Harper agent is being held by the criminal gang “Suldran’s Dark” in the depths of the Cormanthor forest. Only the most stalwart and brave will be able to face this enemy and rescue the imprisoned Harper. Part Three of the Gamehole Con 2016 adventure arc.

 Brett Myers
 Lary WesleyNone Selected0
 Timothy McNeilEth BodawayFire Genasi Fighter/Wizard. H.5
 Jack ReidLeaftrailMoon Druid 6 / Monk 1 / Barbarian 18
 Mario DIgirolamoDirk RockbitterMountain Druid11
 John NovakNone Selected0
 Carlos GuzmanThoth-AmonSorcerer6
 Michael McCaughertyNone Selected0
 Joshua O'Connor-RoseDanger StabbypantsRanger/Killer3
 Kevin LademannNone Selected0
 Greg VerdinoTeslar MenloTempest Cleric11
 Benjamin O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
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